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Microsoft New Commerce Experience

Find out the latest details on the changes coming under Microsoft's shake-up of Office 365 licencing

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 F5 Security + Compliance Add-on (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) (Nonprofit Staff Pricing)

One year commitment billed every month but with pay-per-day cancellation




/ month
exc. VAT
For 50 licenses
save £15.00 / month
For 100 licenses
save £30.00 / month
A rolling one year commitment with £2.20 billed every month but with pay-per-day cancellation.
Includes Welcome Discount for New Accounts
Price shown includes a welcome discount for new accounts on purchases within the first 365 days, normal Nimmbus price £2.38 / month.
The complete set of both Microsoft 365 F5 Security (threat protection solutions, leveraging cloud signal to detect and protect against threats to your organization, along with automated incident responses) and Microsoft 365 F5 Compliance (intelligent information protection and compliance solutions to protect and govern sensitive data across devices, apps and cloud services, along with integrated tools to assess risks and efficiently respond to regulatory requirements.) offerings. A Microsoft 365 F1 or F3 subscription is a pre-requisite for this plan.
Microsoft 365
One year
Resellee qualifications
Minimum quantity
Maximum quantity
Ten million
Prices shown are exclusive of VAT and available to UK registered businesses and charities only.

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