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Microsoft 365


One year commitment billed once in advance

Other terms available | One month | One year billed monthly | Three year | Three year billed annually



/ year
exc. VAT
Equivalent to



/ month
exc. VAT
For 50 licenses
save £23.00 / year
For 100 licenses
save £46.00 / year
A rolling one year commitment with £4.10 billed once in advance.
Microsoft price rises coming in April
Switch to Nimmbus before 1 April 2023 and avoid Microsoft price rises to save a further 9% on top of discounts shown!
Includes Welcome Discount for New Accounts
Price shown includes a time-limited welcome discount for new accounts within the first 365 days, normal Nimmbus price £4.33 / year.
Microsoft 365
New Commerce
Microsoft eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) is a standalone SKU which optimizes network performance for video streaming within an enterprise network. Using browser-based technology with no additional installation required, Microsoft eCDN allows each viewer to strengthen the network for additional viewers.
One year
Resellee qualifications
Minimum quantity
Maximum quantity
Ten million
Prices shown are exclusive of VAT and available to UK registered businesses and charities only.

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