Frequently Asked Questions

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What will the savings be?

Typically we offer from 5% off Microsoft ERP prices. Checkout our Product Catalogue for a full list of prices and discounts on offer.

If you have a better deal elsewhere, we're usually able to price match the other provider on a product-by-product basis once we have verified their discount.

Will I be handing over control or management of Microsoft 365?

Not at all.  The Nimmbus platform may be granted Delegated Administrator permissions to allow us to inspect the subscriptions already in place and to allow us to automate some parts of the process, but this is not necessary and you can choose not to grant this access to us.

Delegated Administrator permissions also allow our support agents the ability to provide subscription support. If you do require IT support, check out ctm IT Support!

What if our Microsoft 365 subscriptions are part of a wider money saving deal with our existing supplier?

No problem, you can have more than one Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and we're confident that the discounts we offer will increase your overall savings. As part of your other package, you are probably still paying Microsoft ERP prices for your subscriptions, which we can beat.

How do I manage my subscriptions once we're signed up?

You can manage your subscriptions 24/7/365 through our secure and intuitive portal.

The account used to onboard your Microsoft 365 tenant will be setup as a Nimmbus Account Admin which can manage all tenants and users within your account. This also allows you to create more account users and delegate common tasks such as subscription management, billing etc.

What if another company or IT person looks after our Microsoft 365 subscriptions?

That's not a problem; we won't tread on their toes. Your IT company or person can continue to provide your IT support and technical services. They can manage the purchase of Microsoft 365 subscriptions 24/7/365 through our secure and intuitive portal.

If you do not have anyone looking after your IT systems or Microsoft 365 subscriptions, we can help too. Check out ctm IT Support!

How fast do licence changes appear after purchase?

Our integration with the Microsoft API means provisioning happens as quickly as possible, normally within moments.

What is Microsoft ERP?

Microsoft publish their prices and other data on a monthly basis for all their subscription products. The data feed we get from Microsoft uses their global Estimated Retail Price (ERP).  This allows Microsoft to vary the price by a small amount for individual territories.

The data feed allows us to automatically track subscription changes, including pricing information. The Microsoft ERP might be a few pence different from the public price you will see on the Microsoft sites and from the price you're currently paying.

What payment methods do you support?

We currently support Direct Debit payments which are setup during your registration process. In the coming weeks we will be adding support for credit card payments.

How often will I be invoiced?

You will be invoiced once per month, on the last calendar day of the month. All your invoices will be available online in the Nimmbus portal.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time and we will refund you for the unused part of your subscriptions, in line with the Microsoft standard approach to cancellations.  This includes changing Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

You can cancel subscriptions within the Nimmbus portal.